Eliminating think time from problem solving

Omnichannel intelligence 24x7

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system of intelligence
Classification & Triaging

Classification &

Autonomous rule free triaging and case creation

Solution discovery


Intent ranked solution recommendation aggregated from intra and extra enterprise knowledge sources

Resolution orchestration


Driving next step actions to solve and close

Theme discovery


Unearthing issues and trends invisible to enterprise eyes

Customer success

Sainapse goes intelligence inside with PACE

PACE ensures ease of transition and speed to impact

Sainapse is enterprise ready

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Anytime learning

Learns continually from new sources of information

Sainapse learning frequency is based on transaction volume and addition of new knowledge pieces. Seamlessly configurable for no 'Downtime Learning'


Processes text, images and engineering drawings across formats and enterprise sources

Sainapse can learn from all enterprise data types across internal and specified external knowledge sources


Learns language from enterprise data and not external dictionaries

Sainapse learns from what it reads making it capable of understanding language combinations, enterprise acronyms as used by the enterprise


Sub-second solution discovery & industry beating learning speed

Sainapse learns by being able to spot important parts of a document thereby taking only 16 minutes to learn from 2 million lines or records

Inside your ringfence

Processes text, images and engineering drawings across formats and enterprise sources

Sainapse is installed entirely within your enterprise ring fence, in on-prem or cloud configuration, eliminating concerns around security and data residency

Always On

Zero down time for learnings or upgrades

Sainapse deployment architecture ensures no downtime and makes Sainapse truly 24x7


Sainapse InfoChannel & APIs allow customers & partners build new workflows

Sainapse InfoChannel - designed for both internal and external data sources ensures native extensibility for any enterprise workflow

Privacy protected

In-built capability to identify & blank out PII even names & addresses

Native designed to spot names and addresses Sainapse adds no new risk and is GDPR compliant


Thousands to millions of transactions without performance drop

Sainapse base installation is already capable of managing >4500 queries per minute. Sainapse needs no software side work to scale to even 100 times

Designed for self-healing

Moving towards zero support needs

Architectural foundation of Sainapse allows for extension to root cause analysis and proactive self-healing

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